Medical services and health insurance

We provide high quality medical services and supply medications and medical equipment for companies working in remote work areas.

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Founded by Experienced Doctors to Provide High Quality Medical Services

Emergency World for medical services and health insurance LLC. (WECO) is an Iraqi company, founded by experienced doctors to provide medical services, facilities and high-quality cost-effective healthcare solutions for international and local companies working in Iraq.

We strive to offer our customers the best possible services, the most efficient treatment and the utmost healthcare

Our services

We offer a wide range of medical services on-site and off-site 

On-Site Clinic

Primary Clinic

Occupational Health



Your partner in the Oil & Gas Industry

We have enhanced and customized our solutions and services to better serve the oil and gas industry by accommodating their requirements for an on-site and off-site medical services.

Medical Evac and Patient Transport

We offer a complete healthcare solution through our on-site clinic for your remote locations.

Life Support Training Courses

We provide multiple medical training courses that are suitable for beginners and experienced personnel.

Experienced Doctors

Remarkable Care

Our endless pursuit of quality and emphasis on continued improvement leads to outstanding results for our clients
By establishing a culture of quality in our company, and relying on a robust quality management system, we are able to identify and understand the ways in which our services could be improved. We strive to continually improve performance, revisit the effectiveness of interventions, and regularly solicit patient and staff feedback

Our clients

Major business and international companies trust us to deliver healthcare services and protect their workforce.


We follow international standards and guidelines, and ensure that all of our staff and doctors are fully experienced and certified to handle emergency medical situations

We Take
Data Security Seriously

At WECO, we work hard to ensure that the highest standard of data security are implemented to keep your personal and health information protected and secured against malicious attacks and disaster situations.

  • Strict Access Security Policy on all of our digital equipment.
  • Routine Data backup
  • Only certified and licensed software is used by company personnel.
  • Compliant with GDPR Data Protection Policy.
  • SSL Secured Emails and Data Servers


Stay in touch to learn about the latest news and updates from WECO for Medical Services and Health insurance LLC. , including new available services, policy updates and new trainings.