• COVID-19 Solutions
  • Giving you peace of mind in the workplace

    We have established dedicated solutions to provide a safe and healthy environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    We can help you implement a proactive pre-cautionary plan to minimize the risk of the infection in the workplace, and provide swift action in case of an infection.


    Healthcare Services

    By maintaining a general state of preparedness to take action quickly in the event of an outbreak on site, we are able to minimize those risks. We regularly check that the required tools, supplies, and services are available onsite to ensure that an outbreak can be contained quickly and effectively.
    Those services and tools include:

    PCR testing

    Vaccine distribution

    Outbreak response plan

    Contact tracing for infected patients

    Isolation/Quarantine facility


    The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted the global economy and the oil and gas industry, with direct health impacts on employees as well as operational consequences. The industry relies on an internationally mobile workforce that often spends prolonged periods living in close quarters on offshore platforms, vessels, and onshore camps, which amplifies the potential impact of the pandemic on operations.
    The key imperative in business continuity plans becomes to avoid any infectious disease or pandemic spreading to such an installation. Effective site preparedness depends on all personnel and management being made aware of their respective roles and responsibilities. Personnel should be knowledgeable of, or have access to, guidance on the recommended practices to apply in an outbreak situation.

    A Key Risk for the Oil and Gas Industry

    An infectious disease outbreak on a remote site or (offshore) installation constitutes a key risk for the oil and gas industry, because such a remote site may be conducive to rapid spread and the medical facilities/medical support personnel available will often not be scaled to deal with an outbreak nor have the necessary expertise.