• On-Site Clinic
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Medical Staff on Your Worksite

    When it comes to recruitment for the remote worksite, we only consider experienced doctors and medical staff in the industry with a strong attitude towards patient-centered care with a greater emphasis placed on emergency response.

    Our On-site Services

    We offer a vast number of  healthcare services on our on-site clinics, giving you peace of mind and continuous monitoring.


    24-hour On-Site Doctor

    A certified doctor is available to handle emergency situations on-site during the crucial first few minutes after injury.

    Chronic Disease follow-up

    Our on-site and off-site doctors and specialist physicians can follow-up employees with pre-existing conditions.


    24-hour Ambulance

    Fully equipped and licensed ambulances with an experienced ambulance driver available 24-hour on-site.


    Experienced staff with certified first aid skills are available on request to handle disaster situations.


    Medications and Supplies

    Supplied and routinely restocked with life-saving medications/equipment as well as treatments for simple and chronic illnesses.


    COVID-19 Surveillance

    Our on-site doctor will make sure infection prevention guidelines are followed. While PCR tests can be done on-site.

    Integrated health system on your site

    Our On-site Solutions

    An integrated health management system, properly executed, enables a company to optimise health and wellbeing at their sites and to organize the right mix of professionals, equipment, and other resources to achieve the desired health and business outcomes.
    An on-site clinic can also be integrated to deliver other healthcare services and solutions provided by WECO.

    Your partner in the Oil & Gas Industry

    We have enhanced and customized our solutions and services to better serve the oil and gas industry by accommodating their requirements for an on-site and off-site medical services.
    • Industrial Hygiene Management (such as H2S leak risks), and Food and water safety.
    • Medical case management, health surveillance, health risk awareness and training.
    • Medical Evacuation plans to an appropriate medical facility to handle major incidents.
    Safeguarding and improving the health and wellbeing of staff – employed or contracted – is in the best interest of companies in the oil and gas industry. This ‘best interest’ goes beyond compliance and corporate duty of care; it goes directly to the bottom line of a business. Effective leadership around health and human performance brings significant additional value, both to people and the business.

    Certified Medical Staff

    We follow international standards and guidelines, and ensure that all of our staff and doctors are fully experienced and certified to handle emergency medical situations

    Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)


    Medical Emergencies

    To manage medical emergencies, each location should develop a site-specific Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP). This should consider the potential for individual and multiple casualties, describing the response to various medical emergency scenarios based on the health risk and local medical resources assessments, with allocated availability of capable resources. The MERP should consider specific needs related to the work activities and the general medical capability available in the country/location in which these activities are carried out, as well as any collaboration with local health authorities.

    Drill, Review and Revise

    Once the on-site plan has been developed it should be practiced regularly.

    The effectiveness of the Medical Emergency Response (MER) system depends on the competence of staff, the available medical resources, and the flexibility of the plan to deal with large and small emergencies. Frequent drills on diverse scenarios are essential to ensure this effectiveness. Once the MERP has been developed it should be practiced regularly and should include testing of all logistical support required (such as communications and transport).

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