Every human deserves to be healthy and every human deserves medical care.

In a bid to provide all these, we’re focusing on making communities healthier with WECO.⁣⁣

Dr.Zain M.Rsn

founder and general manager

Our Mission & Vision

Cost-effective, high quality healthcare

By adapting a philosophy of constant, planned improvement inside our institution, we aspire to deliver high quality, cost effective services and promote a healthy workforce through the development and implementation of preventive screening programs and improving staff education.

Instilling a culture of care takes time, and is possible only with leadership commitment from line

to senior management, competent healthcare practitioners, and a mature health management system in place. Investing in the health and safety of staff is not only often legislatively mandated, but is also the right thing to do and can provide a solid return on investment for a business. Fit for purpose health management systems which utilise a risk based management approach can avoid significant direct and indirect costs whilst also adding additional business value


Dr.Zain M.Rsn

Founder and general manager

Dr.Ali Qasim


Dr.Ali Ayad

Chief Medical officer

Dr.Mustafa Anees

Marketing Manager

Dr.Ali Raed


Dr.Sarmed Riyadh

Academy Manager

Dr.Hussain Sami

academy co-director