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  • Delivering efficient healthcare solutions for your business

    Emergency World for medical services and health insurance LLC. (WECO) is an Iraqi company, founded by experienced doctors to provide medical services and facilities for international and local companies working in Iraq.

    Worksite cultures vary. Some worksites see health requirements as a regulatory requirement only, and a hindrance to efficiency and profitability. Other organisations are intrinsically motivated to manage health, viewing health management as a natural component of operating

    a business. It has been observed that sites with a well-developed health and safety culture show higher levels of worker engagement and enjoy more sustainable health, safety, and business performance outcomes compared to others.

    Health and Safety Policy

    At WECO, safety is embedded in our culture, and embedding health concerns in a similar way is the next step.

    Instilling a culture of care takes time, and is possible only with leadership commitment from line to senior management, competent healthcare practitioners, and a mature health management system in place. Investing in the health and safety of staff is not only often legislatively mandated, but is also the right thing to do and can provide a solid return on investment for a business. Fit for purpose health management systems which utilise a risk based management approach can avoid significant direct and indirect costs whilst also adding additional business value.


    We follow international standards and guidelines, and ensure that all of our staff and doctors are fully experienced and certified to take care of your healthcare requirements

    Our Mission

    Cost-effective, high quality healthcare

    By adapting a philosophy of constant, planned improvement inside our institution, we aspire to deliver high quality, cost effective services and promote a healthy workforce through the development and implementation of preventive screening programs and improving staff education.

    Our Values

    At WECO Primary clinic you can expect high quality healthcare for your employees
    We strive to offer our customers the best possible services, the most efficient treatment and the utmost healthcare.

    Prevention First

    We believe in protecting the workforce by implementing a wide range of preventive programs to stop medical issues before they arise.

    Quality Management

    We strive to always look for areas to improve our services and the care we provide to patients and clients.

    International standards

    By working exclusively with leaders in the industry and internationally certified providers and suppliers of equipment and services, we are able to ensure high quality services for our clients.

    Continuous Education

    We work tirelessly to always be up-to-date with the latest innovations and treatment guidelines. We also believe in continuously improving our staff and enhancing their experience.


    A significant challenge lies in the assessment and maintenance of current medical competencies. The reality of clinical work in remote worksites is that clinical practice can be limited. For example, a medic on an oil rig can go months, or even years, without treating a severe injury. Nevertheless, the expectation is that this same medic will be able to act effectively when a severe injury does occur, or if multiple casualties are involved in a remote location.

    To mitigate skill decay, continuous professional development programmes (for example, refresher life support courses and emergency room rotations) to maintain and grow clinical skills and competencies are an integral part of our system.

    Our clients

    Major business and international companies trust us to deliver healthcare services and protect their workforce.