Primary Clinic

Occupational Health services provided at our primary clinic located in the center of the city of Basra, Iraq.

Fitness To work

Specialised Healthcare Services

Diagnostic Procedures

Located at

Building #4
Near Alnoor Hospital - Breha, Basra.

A Complete Healthcare Solution

Fitness to work

Our team of specialist doctors and healthcare staff provide your employees with their annual medical check

Primary Healthcare

At WECO, you get a complete solution for all the heathcare needs of your employees at our Primary clinic.

Emergency Facilities

Our exceptional and experienced staff is available at our 24h emergency medical and surgical facilities

Diagnostic procedures

We provide all tests and investigations for a complete healthcare solution for all of your employees

Continuous screening and treatment

At WECO Primary clinic you can expect high quality healthcare for your employees
We strive to offer our customers the best possible services, the most efficient treatment and the utmost healthcare.

Cardiovascular Care

Respiratory Care

Head and Brain Care

Bone and Joint Care

Health Services

We provide a wide range of healthcare services for company employees

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