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    We help our clients operate their business successfully and meet their deadlines while protecting their employees and keeping them safe and healthy.
    • Annual medical check
    • Fitness-to-work
    • Return-to-work assessment
    • Rehabilitation

    All persons working in remote worksites should be periodically examined

    It is our belief that all persons working in remote worksites should be periodically examined and deemed medically fit to work in the remote environment.

    Our team of specialist doctors and healthcare staff provide your employees with their annual medical check, as well as fitness-to-work, rehabilitation, and return-to-work assessment.

  • Provided by certified specialists
  • fitness to work process

    Work-based tasks place physical and psychological demands on the individual conducting them. Such demands may be directly associated with the task—for example the physical exertion of carrying loads. Alternatively, a task may not be exceptionally demanding but is conducted in a location where workers falling ill would present a major logistical challenge for the company and carry unnecessary risk for the individual.
    Fitness for task and fitness for environment or location may not be the same thing. For example, an employee considered fit to work on an offshore platform in the North Sea may not be fit to work in the climatic extremes and remoteness of a desert location in the Middle East. The assessment of fitness must consider both aspects for it to be complete and meaningful.

    Medical Examinations

    We also provide access to various medical examinations and tests. The objective of such examinations is to identify physical and psychological limitations which may be incompatible, or cause particular problems, with performing a specific task or employment in a particular location.